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 TCD iPad Foam Series Installation Steps




When you receive your new case, there is a black plastic insert inside of the case. You will need to remove it and then insert your iPad, this is put in to ensure proper shipment.



TCD 1900 mAh Power Bank External Battery Case

When you receive your new case, the first thing you’ll need to do is fully charge it. I suggest charging the case separately from the phone for the initial charge as well as all other charges. You will know that your case is fully charged when you press the button on the back of the case and all four lights illuminate. Once this is established, you are ready to use the case!

Please follow the instructions on the bottom of the last page on the instruction manual that state:

“Use as Battery Charger”:

-Turn the ON/OFF switch OFF after charging.

-When iPhone 4 prompts 20% battery remaining, turn the ON/OFF switch ON. The battery case will start charging the iPhone 4’s battery.

-Once the charging is finished, turn the battery case ON/OFF switch to the OFF position.

-Charging completion can vary depending on how you are using the device; for example if you get to 20% and turn on the battery and start a phone call, the case will keep the device power going but will increase battery % overall slightly just as it would if you were plugged into the wall outlet and making a call.  Use of the device while charging slows down the charge.


Screen Protector Application:



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